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Motorola Droid Unboxing And Super Quick Initial Impression (video)


[GR]VdJJvg5Cn3c[/GR] By now everyone and their mother knows that Motorola dropped the ball a few years ago and has been struggling to gain back market share in the US.  The RAZR was a massive success but after that it was all downhill – they sort of eclipsed themselves.  But alas,...

Phonesuit Primo Battery Pack

Phonesuit Slims Down With The Primo Micro Battery Pack


There’s more than a fair share of iPhone battery backups on the market, but PhoneSuit’s latest, the Primo micro battery pack is jumping out at me.  Unlike other micro battery packs (except Griffin‘s), this one has 3 LED lights to indicate charge and can provide up to 3 hours additional...

black ops throat mic for iPhone

An iPhone Compatible Black Ops Throat Mic


You’d have to have some seriously huge nards to wanna wear the Black Ops Throat Mic in public, but that’s exactly what they intend for you to do since it’s iPhone compatible.  Then again, nothing is worse then the geektastic Bluetooth headsets that people wear as every day jewelry. Like...


TaunTaun Sleeping Bags Now Available For Pre-Order (video)

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First appearing as an April Fools Joke, the public reception was so overwhelming that an actual product has made it to production.  Incorporating all the details that Star Wars Fans know and love, this sleeping bag will surely be all the rage this winter. Priced at $100, the Tauntaun Sleeping...

mPower Emergency Illuminator

Porsche’s mPower Emergency Illuminator Has A 20 Year Battery Life


Shiver me timbers.  I don’t know if any power outage or apocalypse calls the for a $300 flashlight, but no matter, mPower Emergency Illuminator (flashlight) has plans to go on sale next March. But it ain’t your garden variety flashlight.  Heck, it ain’t even equitable to the most advanced Maglite. ...


Separate Keitai F-04B: A Modular Cell Phone With Bluetooth Keyboard And Projector


See you later LG Versa, hello Fujitsu Separate Keitai F-04B.  Much like the Versa, this phone rocks a modular system that allows its user to remove the keyboard and add on other parts. But, Fujitsu has taken the modular concept many steps further by adding a 3.4-inch touchscreen and the...


Collapsing Ladder Great For Small Homes And Double Wides

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It’s probably safe to assume that more people would own ladders if they could store them effectively.  Especially those tight on space.  Condensing down to 2.5 feet during storage the ladder will extend to 12.5.  Assembled using aircraft aluminum and steel connectors, this ladder is quite the engineering marvel. No...


Bolt Interactive Laser Pet Toy: Automated Laser Fun For Your Cat (video)

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Sure, it might burn out a retina or two, but it will all be in the name of entertainment…for your cat.  The Bolt Interactive Pet Laser Toy is a glorified laser with a motorized mirror that wobbles around and redirects the eye piercing beam of light all of over the...

Street Fighter 4 Snuggie

Street Fighter 4 Snuggie Is Real!


The Star Wars Snuggie might be fake as shit, but the Street Fighter VI Snuggie, yup, it’s the real deal.  Capcom won’t say if it will be bursting onto Walmart’s endless stack of shelves but at least die hard gamers and deuce bags can find some common ground. Read...


New Borderlands DLC for November 24th (video)


To help it not get lost in the MW2 shuffle, GearBox Studios is set to release a new batch of DLC for their awesome Borderlands game on November 24th for the Xbox 360 and PS3.  The content will cost $10 and will give around 6-10 hours of gameplay. Promising more...

Sanyo's Enloop Stick Booster

Sanyo Stick Booster Charges Two AA Eneloop Batteries Via USB


I’ve been using Sanyo’s Eneloop batteries for about a year now and I’m pleased to say I have little to no qualms with the rechargeables.  The recharge time could be a bit faster, but aside from that they seem to be all that the company says they are. And now,...