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VPD400: Viewsonic’s 4.3-inch PMP, Not Mac Compatible

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What’s 130 smackers get you these days?  The Viewsonic VPD400, a 4.3-inch screened media player.  It rocks an 800×400 resolution, 12 hour battery life (3 for video), video output, microSD card slot and 8GB of storage.   It’s not exactly wafer thin at .5-inches, but should suffice for those carrying a...

Cotton Carrier

Cotton Carrier Is The Tactical SLR Camera Vest (video)


If you’re not feeling the hip slinging Spider Pro camera system then you might wanna checkout the Cotton Carrier.  It uses a very similar hooking system but instead of sitting at your hips, which can potentially inhibit your ability to walk or run, the Cotton Carrier adhears to your chest...

Intel Reader

Intel’s Reader Can Read Any Physical Book (video)


Sure, Intel is primarily a chip maker, but every once and a while they throw us a product curve ball.  The Reader (yup, that’s what it’s called) is a handheld device that can literally read aloud the text of a physical book.  It’s intended use is for the physically blind...


Nokia N900 Now Shipping


A tad behind schedule, but never the less the Nokia N900 has begun to ship to customers throughout the world.  We’ve already got a brief hands on with the phone and I’m just hoping that they fixed some of the lag problems we saw at CTIA San Diego (videos after...


NES Resurrected As A Gaming Pad


The hay day of the original NES might be far behind us, but that didn’t stop one modder from bringing a little of the old to the new.  Called the NEStickle, it combines the NES console from the 80s with a Sanwa joystick and is apparently compatible with not only...

Lego MP3 player

Lego MP3 Player


The Lego MP3 player might be suitable for ages 5 years or older, but something tells me the only people that will be buying this gadget are the 30 somethings that grew up stacking these multicolored blocks. The player sports 2GB of storage, an 8 hour rechargeable battery, LCD screen...


Unofficial Star Trek Chandelier To Light The Way Where…

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With the new Star Trek movie coming to Blu-Ray next week it only seems slightly appropriate to post on this StarShip Enterprise Chandelier.  Embracing a kind of cool, kind of cheap design aesthetic, this unofficial Star Trek light might end up looking better in your workshop rather than your dining...


Sparkz Projector Dock For Your iPhone (video)


In what appears to be a product I’ve never seen the likes of, the Sparkz Projector Dock is a fresh and pricey new addition to aftermarket iPhone accessories.  The built-in pico projector accepts a variety of A/V and VGA inputs and is capable of displaying 640 x 480 resolutions at...


Presence In Absence USB Couples Locket


In what I would consider total tech weirdness, the Presence in Absence USB Couples Locket is unique idea for those engaged in long distance relationships.  Sort of like a digital scrapbook you wear around your neck I really don’t know what to think about this. Developed by recent Swedish graduate...