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Troll Touch Announces Touchscreen iMacs (video)


[GR]lRrWEZXaqH4[/GR] If you’re still pining after a touchscreen Mac and can’t hold out any longer for the long rumored Apple Tablet computer, well, you’re in luck, kind of.  More like in debt considering the prices I’m about to tell you about. Troll Touch, whose apparently been outfitting Macs with touch...


The Sign Language Translator Turns Ameslan Into Spoken English

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Remember how we just finished talking about the Tele Scouter, which interprets every language and translates automatically?  Well, it’s a bit of a misnomer because there’s one language it won’t interpret–American Sign Language. That’s right, folks–Ameslan is completely out of the Tele Scouter’s bailiwick.  But now, we may have the...

Car Black Box-1

Car Blackbox DRS-1100 Car Video Recorder Review

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Every time you fly in a commercial jet plane, a blackbox records everything the plane does. In case of an accident, recovering this blackbox lets authorities determine what the plane was doing up to the time of the accident. With the DRS 1100 you can add similar blackbox features to...

Lacie Speakers - 5

LaCie Sound² Speakers Review


Neil Poulton is known for some jaw dropping industrial design, so when they once again teamed up with Lacie to bring us the Sound² Speakers I was more than pleased with outcome, aesthetically speaking of course. But, as they say, you can’t judge a book by its cover.  So do...