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aqua jar

Aqua Jar Turns Any Water Bottle Into A Pitcher

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I love the absolutely simple but brilliant products.  Such is the case of the Aqua Jar.  It attaches to the universal screw top of any water bottle and instantly turns it into a pitcher.  It’s made from biodegradable and recyclable plastic and comes in orange, graphite and frost.  I’m not...

Rozetkus 3D power socket

Rozetkus 3D: A Spring Loaded 5 Prong Socket


99% of the time 2 electrical outlets – the standard in US homes – isn’t enough to fulfill our consumer electronics’ demand for power.  The resolve is to plug in one of those unsightly power strips, which more than often leaves a rat’s nest of cords. The Rozetkus 3D power...


MovieWedge Review


Doubling as a hacky-sack, the MovieWedge is a convenient way to view media horizontally on your iPhone or iPod touch.  The MovieWedge is lightweight and portable beanbag-esque cushion that supports your iPhone for prime viewing. Embracing a brutally simple design aesthetic, the MovieWedge can effectively adapt to most any surrounding. ...


New Solar Bags From Mascotte Industrial Associates of Hong Kong


With Solar Power being about the greenest energy around, it still takes way too long.  These new bags from Mascotte Industrial Associates of Hong Kong use DSSC (Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells) technology to effectively store and convert solar power so your can charge your gadgets on your own time. I really...

Portable Game Cube

Portable Game Cube With Exposed Disc Drive (video)


This is a portable Game Cube from maker extraordinaire Hailraser.  He’s used a variety of components from a variety of systems to build this system.  The oddest part, though, is the exposed disc drive on the rear of the device.  So, if you’ve got large mitts you might find your...


USB Beer Can Humidifier By Green House


Anybody looking for weird and obscure USB gadgets this holiday season may want to check this out.   It’s a mini-USB humidifier that’s shaped like some weird Japanese beer can.  When those long stints at your computer leave you exceptionally dry, this may be the perfect solution. Using this mini-humidifier is...


$10 iPod Speaker From The Container Store

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In America, there’s nothing quite like a good value.  I went to Burger King the other day because they had a $1 Double Cheeseburger.  It was quite a value as I had two.  This little iPod speaker from the Container Store is only $10.  What would make it a value?...