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Full Automated Bicycle Parking Garage (video)

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[GR]wE4fvwTBtno[/GR] Tokyo, Japan has long been a place with a massive population and a small amount of land.  So as you can imagine they’re always inventing new ways to store their worldly positions without displacing their living space. The multistory computerized bike parking garage is just one of those things...

Phone That Measures Bad Breath

A Cell Phone That Measures Bad Breath (video)


This video is apparently from 2007 so I feel a bit remiss posting in now, but hey, here goes.  NTT DoCoMo, the Japanese telecom had plans to introduce a phone that could help middle aged businessmen and young women lose weight.  It included a pedometer and software to keep you...

Sony Working On Giant Touchscreen Surface (video)


[GR]78SRdq6mfY8[/GR] The Microsoft Surface is super old news at this point, but that hasn’t stopped Sony from teaming up with a company called Atracsys to build their own version of a multitouch table.  Unlike Microsoft’s version, though, Sony’s uses some sort of camera that can be used for not only...


Inner City Bike Designed Without Rider In Mind


OK, so while this bike looks interesting enough, it also looks really for lack of a better adjective, stupid.  With the last decade seeing rise to the fixed gear bike (much to my disdain), this bike seems to absolutely epitomize that design mindset with a little impracticality thrown in for...


Conmoto Rolling FirePlace Lets Every Room Become A 9-Alarm Fire

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Combining the most primitive elements discovered at the dawn of mankind, this rolling fireplace from Conmoto wants to go off-roading down your stairs with a passion. From the look of the picture it seems pretty fake but it actually runs off of ethanol and is a real heat source believe...


AirDuino Air Guitar Apparatus In The Works (video)


It’s amazing what some people will do to further what can be done with Air Guitar.  With the several air guitar apps for the iPhone and the wearable guitar shirt, I’m beginning to miss the original version. In this video, some foreign gentlemen demonstrate  how their new air guitar peripheral...


Nintendo GameBoy Finally Inducted Into Toy Hall Of Fame


Not knowing that there even was a Toy Hall Of Fame, I’m pleased to announce that the Nintendo GameBoy has just been inducted.  Officially called Strong National Museum of Play’s Toy Hall of Fame, this black and white portable gamer was the final choice among 12 finalists of culturally important...

plexidor pet door

Plexidor Pet Door–Maybe Just A Little Too Far


Maybe, just maybe, we spoil our pets a bit too much. Oh, sure, we don’t think twice about the occasional chew bone or some such, but some dogs today eat better than some people do.  Plus there’s the add-ons–clothing lines for pets, Xbox Live subscriptions (when do they PLAY??), dog...


Philips Tapsters Likely Won’t Hit Stores


Several months back, we introduced you to the Philips Tapster headphones.  But there’s some bad news here for everyone who was looking forward to them–there’s now pretty much no way they’ll hit store shelves. The folks out at Crave on Cnet’s Asian subsidiary believe they know why, too–they don’t work....