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Thrusmaster's T-Freestyle NW

Thrustmaster Intros Budget Friendly RIDE Experience


Ok, I’ll be honest, best I can suss out from the press release is that Thrusmaster’s T-Freestyle NW gaming board is a piece of wood with rubber bumpers that works in concert with the Wii Balance Board to produce a RIDE like experience for current and soon to be released...

Stacks iPhone Application

Stacks Software Adds Mac OS X Stacks To The iPhone


‘Stacks’ have long existed in Apple’s Mac OS, but what about the iPhone?  They are now thanks to ‘Stacks’, a piece of software that you can add to your iPhone, that is assuming it’s Jailbroken (aka hacked). Much like Mac’s OS you can add multiple applications (in Mac OS X...

Midnight Tundra Rider Tailgate Pickup

The Tundra Midnight Rider Tailgater Is A Man Cave On Wheels

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Talk about a tailgate party!   The Tundra Midnight Rider Tailgater is a one off truck to celebrate country music duo Brooks & Dunn’s farewell tour.  It’s packed with a 42-inch flat screen, Kicker sound system, an electronically operated tonneau cover and a pull-out Grill N Chill which features a cooking...

LED Credit Card Light

Credit Card Sized Lightbulb


Well hello novelty, at least according to one commenter on the linked product page.  The LED Credit Card Pocket Light is small enough to fit into a wallet and uses a 3V built in battery to power its light source – not sure how you recharge it, though.  My mom...


Cry Translator App Analyzes Your Crying Baby


Ahhh….Techie new parents are going to love this one.  A new iPhone application entitled The Cry Translator is on its way that will effectively tell you what your gurgling baby is crying about. The app will listen to a whining child and determine through pitch, volume, tone, and inflection, what...


Namco Classic Video Game Zippo Lighters

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Having just played Xevious not to long ago, seeing these lighters only furthers my warm fuzzy nostalgia feelings.  A week or so back we saw the classic Sega gaming systems as Zippos, and while they looked sweet they were way over priced. These new Namco Games Zippos are not quite...