Daily Archives: November 2, 2009

Hair Coloring Brush

Hair Coloring Brush Looks Sanely Dangerous


You can’t possibly be serious?   The Hair Coloring Brush supposedly provides your ‘do’ with a salon coloring finish.  Just add color and run the bristles through your locks.  In a flash you’ll have a whole new look – actually the site says it takes half the time of a professional. ...

Wine Wisk

Holiday 09′: Wine Wisk And Bottle Stopper


As we are beginning into the later half of the fall and towards the almighty Black Friday, crazy gift ideas are beginning to snowball.  The Wine Wisk and Bottle Stopper is just that. Whipping this thing out at a holiday party is surely going to have people talking after the...

WOS Speaker Of Sound

WOS (Wall Of Sound): A 225lb iPod Dock Speaker


Either April fools has come early or I drank my fair share of snake oil this Halloween, because the WOS (Wall Of Sound) Speaker is one bad ass looking iPod speaker dock system.   Stuffed inside this 102 kilo (225lbs) behemoth are 28 elements (I guess that includes the speakers as...

Emobile Pocket WiFi Router

EMobile’s Pocket WiFi Router Is Japan’s MiFi


It’s a shame, because Emobile’s Pocket WiFi 3G Router (i.e. MiFi) sure is pretty, but won’t be coming to the States or Europe any time soon.  But for those of you residing in Japan you can grab one for 5,980 yen if you sign a 2-year contract and you’ll be...


8-Inches Of Levitating Globe For That Mass


Having a globe around always makes you seem more worldly and distinguished.  But how about a floating globe? Somehow not endorsed by David Blaine, is this cool looking levitating globe from Yanko Design.  Using an electronically controlled magnetic field, the 8-inch globe is suspended in mid-air for as long as...

Samsung’s Moment Launches At Sprint For $179.99


Sprint launched the Samsung Moment yesterday. While it’s not the prettiest of phones it does offer the Android OS, a 3.2-inch AMOLED touchscreen, QWERTY keyboard, 3 megapixel camera, WiFi, 800mhz processor, Bluetooth, Sprint TV… To continue reading “Samsung’s Moment Launches At Sprint For $179.99″ head to PhoneDig...