If you’ve ever spent time cruising around looking for a WiFi hotspot to patch your laptop in to, you’ll know that sometimes that’s a tall order that’s much easier said than done.  But now, thanks to the WiFi Seeker and Light, finding WiFi is as easy as consulting your keychain.

One button on the device activates a one-LED flashlight, where a second button will tell you the strength of any surrounding WiFi signal.  Talk about your simple operations…but interestingly, the WiFi Seeker And Light doesn’t seem to be available online, but thankfully, the folks at Amazon are more than ready to step in and offer, if not necessarily the product you want, then at the very least a product that will do what you want it to.

Of course, you don’t really NEED a WiFi finder like this–just bring your laptop–but the idea of being able to possibly find WiFi spaces while walking around the neighborhood with a little thing like that that probably makes you feel like a Ghostbuster tracking Slimer around is almost unavoidably cool.