When iPhone’s Rule The World: Viper’s New iPhone Car Starter App And Module (video)

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11 Comments to When iPhone’s Rule The World: Viper’s New iPhone Car Starter App And Module (video)

  1. It’s a waste of money. We have survived without it and can do without it. So you freeze or burn up for 5 or ten minutes while your car warms up. It that really worth $500.00.

  2. Do you pay 30 dollars a month for other remote car starters? I didnt think so so why in the he’ll would you for this one. Just another way to rip off the consumer. Thanks Viper

  3. mn20something

    It’s not a matter of lazy. I just would rather not run to my car at 6am in my pajamas to start my car in -20 degree weather!

  4. Sure I can afford 8 cents a day. But come on, people, are we really *that* lazy?

    Apparently so. Can we say iSucker?

  5. Really? You cant afford 8 cents a day??? I find more than that on the ground every day. Not to mention the first year is free. Since the range is unlimited, you are basically paying for a pager, like back in the day. This is the only way for it to work, because an RF signal can only go so far and do to the limitations of the iPhone, this is the only way it would work. Great idea, im buying it!

  6. I just got told that they came out with this new iPhone carstarter I was so excited about it!
    I planned to go out to get one installed this weekend , then realized you charge annually $30
    fee on top of paying the 300-500 for it getting installed. That is rediculos!! It’s ashame that I
    and many others will not be able to try the product because they can’t or don’t want to spend
    $30 every year!

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