All right, cowboy…you got a problem with mice and creepy crawlies and other vermin infesting your house? Sick of poisons?  Hate trying to reset those stupid snap traps?  Well, for just a hundred bucks, you can get your hands on the Victor Multi-Kill Electronic Mouse Trap.

This trap kills ten mice per setting, and a hundred and fifty mice over the life of its set of four C batteries.  Two mice can enter this trap at once, but neither one’s getting out…alive, anyway.  The operation is simple enough–just bait the trap, load the batteries, turn it on and then, once the collection drawer (yes of COURSE it has a collection drawer) is full of dead mice, you just take the whole package outside and dump them off.  Then, bring it back in and repeat, though if you actually manage to fill up the collection bin in less than like six months you may want to just consult an exterminator outright because you’ve got a LOT of mice.

“Build a better mousetrap” isn’t just for kids playing board games any more–with folks like Victor taking it this seriously, we may well run out of mice eventually.