Trip Glasses Review

Talk about a party favor.  I mean who doesn’t like to trip?  Having recently experienced CornField Electronics’ Trip Glasses, I’m very glad there is not one part of me that is epileptic.  The packaging makes note of some sort of meditation that can occur when you wear the glasses but I don’t believe that malarky one bit.  Perhaps if your definition of meditation is in fact hallucination, then maybe.

To explain it bluntly, the Trip Glasses are less like glasses and more like a kaleidoscope of blunt force trauma to your senses.  Some people who tried it had mixed results, but I can honestly say that I could trigger my inner shroom no problem. 

Back to what these things are.  I suppose you could call them a personal light show.  They are really easy to use and are great to have around when partying, hitting the bong, or stuffing LSD into open wounds with a shovel.

All you do is put the glasses and earphones on and hit the start button.  The light show sequence lasts for 14 minutes and there is no off button.  The best way I described how to use the glasses to those who tried it was to gently close your eyes and try and look through your eyelids.


I couldn’t last all that long before I had to remove them, but it didn’t matter.  I’d say if you like that type of artwork where you have to stare at the pixelated image until an object appears, than the Trip Glasses will definitely work for you.  I felt like I could really control the patterns I was seeing and it was crazy.  Hippies will love this thing no doubt!

What didn’t really help was the droning brain freeze noise that oozed out of the attached earphones.  That’s not to say that you couldn’t listen to your own jam band music while using the Trip Glasses and the earphones are removable as well.


Over the course of the 14 minute sequence the lights inside the glasses change without warning and you’re instantly teleported to all new trip zone.  Using them in the late afternoon into the early evening they looked really sweet in the dark as the wearer resembled Satan, or some other type of evil being to say the least.

What more can I say about these things?  If you like to trip out or know someone who does the Trip Glasses are a real one of a kind “legal” way to trip.  I wouldn’t recommend wearing these all day or putting them on someone who’s sleeping but like anything else, moderation is the best approach.

Priced at $40, some of you will say “hey, that’s about the price of a bag of weed”, but these Trip Glasses will last way longer.  End result is that you should take a week off the weed and buy these glasses.  Jerry thanks you.


  • Visually trip out immediately
  • Great for parties and times of inebriation
  • Legal


  • Don’t use them for too long
  • Sounds could have been cooler
  • Not suited for everybody

Buy the Trip Glasses here for $40!!!

Jeff B