child tracker

Remember how yesterday we were talking about tracking your children with a simple USB device from Insignia?  Well, apparently, the child tracker phenomenon is really taking off because another device has stepped up to challenge, the ET3500 GPS Tracking Bracelet.

It’s a bracelet that attaches to a child’s wrist–or anyone else’s, for that matter–and allows you to track at virtually any time where exactly the bracelet is.  It comes with an emergency alarm system, an emergency two way radio, journey logging up to one hundred thousand locations, and plenty more.

Basically, you can preset a route and see, at a glance, whether or not the route is being followed.  The bracelet will even point out the route for the wearer, showing them exactly where to go, stop, turn and not to go, stop, or turn on a handy LCD display.

Great for parents, a nightmare for civil rights groups, it’s the kind of thing that’s a bit tougher to misuse as it generally requires the wearer actually WEAR the thing, but still–one quick toss in an open car window and you know exactly where the car is at all times.