If you’re sick of paying heating bills that only seem to get more larcenous the farther in to winter you go, or if you just want to save some heating oil and go green this winter, then you’ll want to keep your eyes out for the Turbine Boss, a new product to improve your attic’s heat efficiency.  Check out what Turbine Attic Ventilators Inc, the company behind the Turbine Boss, had to say about it:

The Turbine Boss(TM) controls the turbine’s airflow. It easily fits inside the turbine’s cylinder. Its louvers automatically rotate from ‘open’ to ‘closed’ (like a venetian blind) when the outdoor temperature gets cold. This reduces the turbine suction in winter by 80%. As the season changes, the louvers open again in warm weather to exhaust the scorching attic heat. It’s completely automatic.

Completely automatic, and not dependent on power or batteries but rather on sheer differences in temperature.  This is a smart idea whose time has definitely come.