Travel Bidet

When I first fired up the page for the Sanicare Travel Bidet/Portable Bidet, I wasn’t reading ‘bidet’ correctly, that is until I got to the description.  Yup, I’m afraid to say that this little sucker is for washing your nonmentionables, and I don’t mean your underwear.  Perhaps it’s my US up bringing, but I found this little gadget to be disturbing on so many levels.  Check some of the marketing text:

  • The EXTERNAL SPRAY HEAD is intended for external washing of genital and anal areas.
  • The INTERNAL SPRAY HEAD is intended for internal feminine washing or douching.
  • The NURSING SPRAY HEAD is intended for general washing of body parts of infants and patients all-at-bed.

Even better is the chick pictured drying her hair with an almost ear to ear grin.  If you so dare you can grab one for $40.

[via RFJ]


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