breakfast machine

If you’ve seen a Wallace and Gromit cartoon lately, chances are you’re familiar with at least something vaguely like what I’m about to point out today–the Breakfast Machine.

Breakfast Machines aren’t exactly new.  There was one in the old Pee Wee Herman movies.  Doc Brown had one in Back to the Future, even if it didn’t work right.  But now, thanks to two design artists at the Royal College of Art, there is now a real live Breakfast Machine.

The Breakfast Machine cooks omelettes, toast with butter and / or jam, coffee and fresh-squeezed orange juice all within the confines of its own framework.  Even better, the Royal College of Art folks claim that this project can actually be replicated, at home, for less than two thousand dollars.

The device is currently disassembled, but its creators are hoping to take it on a world tour for exhibition and then bring it to London.