the rationalizer

The Rationalizer is slated to be the newest tool in a stock trader’s arsenal, but when you hear about it, you might find it just a little familiar.  You fasten a small bracelet to your wrist, and the wrist measures stuff like skin temperature and galvanic skin responses and whatnot to show you how your emotions are acting in a certain situation.  It shows you by–get this!–sending a radio signal to a nearby bowl.  The bowl then glows a certain color, giving you a graphic representation of how you feel.

Yes, folks, it seems as though the MOOD RING has made a comeback.  This time, of course, it’s a bit different and way more high tech, but it’s still kind of cool.  The Rationalizer can show you, visually, when you’re starting to get a little hopped up emotionally.  From there, you can take a break.  I personally think this is a fantastic idea, and wouldn’t mind having my own emergency mood display in case.