The Apple iPhone is beginning to scare me.  Seriously.  With all the various things you hear about cropping up, eventually I look for an iPhone to one day stand up on its own base and say, calmly, through its speaker: “Cogito, ergo I’m going to take over the world now”.

Or worse yet: “Welcome to Skynet”.

Anyway, another “hidden app” has apparently been discovered, and the crew at Apple don’t seem to be in a huge hurry to deny it, but it seems that iPhones everywhere are carrying the ability to receive FM broadcasts in their guts.  Yes, that’s right–your iPhone may just have a radio hidden inside it, and you never knew it.  The only thing that’s preventing you from using it right now is that Apple is busily “trying to reintegrate the Mobile iTunes Store purchases into the functionality of the program”.

I can’t help but think this might have been better for iPods than iPhones–why make people listen to their iPhone WHILE they’re listening to their iPod?  That’s just nuts…and largely unnecessary.