Ladies of the interwebz, pay attention, because what I’ve got here today is a little something extra special.  I’ve got here the first ever piece of lung-erie, the Gas Mask Bra.  And after a pun like that, you may well be wanting a gas mask to get out from under the stink.

Anyway, this sucker was developed by a team of three–Dr. Elena Bodnar, Dr. Raphael Lee and Sandra Marijan–and it got a start after Dr. Bodnar’s time investigating the effects of Chernobyl.  She posited that a lot of fallout damage could have been prevented with access to proper gas masks and particulate filters; but how to get said devices to people in time?  Simple, she reasoned–have them worn on the body at all times.

Now, ladies, in the event of an ecological disaster like nuclear fallout or a dust storm, all you’ll have to do is go temporarily commando while you detach a bra cup and wear it over your face.  Plus, you’ll have a backup for the fella in your life who doesn’t exactly have the hardware to wear one himself.

Just in case you think this design is some kind of quackery, know this–it took an IgNoble Prize at the last ceremony.