Emperor 1510 Gaming Chair 2

This is a seemingly obscure bit of gaming news that I found whilst cruising the wilds of Canadian blogging.  It’s a recurring theme around several items about the Taco Bell Fill Up On Game Gear contest which offered several prizes, including that behemoth you see before you.

That thing is the ten thousand dollar (Canadian, I presume, so here in the States it’s roughly eighty five hundred, though that changes almost by the minute) Emperor 1510 gaming chair. I don’t know what kind of weird gaming the Canadians are up to up there but it’s clear, based on the Emperor 1510, that they’re about to develop a hive-mind and completely become the Borg.

Considering how many times the word “redonkulous” came up in describing this monster, you’d be amazed what it comes equipped with: three flat-screen monitors wrap around the user, and a full surround-sound system is also included.

But this isn’t even the top of the line.  Dark rumors persist about a version that includes its own air conditioning and costs fully forty grand.