The Driving Reporter Gadget: The Black Box For Your Car

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1 Comment to The Driving Reporter Gadget: The Black Box For Your Car

  1. As an attorney I can tell you this is a terrible thing for any parent or anyone to get for their car. The information obtained will be used against you in the case of an accident and will not be used in your favor.

    Basically you are giving away your right against self incrimination. And your children’s.

    Worse, this gadget won’t be able to protect you. Cops will use it as evidence to go after you and prosecutors will use it against you to force you to make a deal. If you think you will be able to use it to show you weren’t at fault think again. (That is not how evidence works).

    Don’t put more power in the hands of the government. Once the power is out of your hands you won’t like how it is used. Trust me.

    I can’t tell you how many parents have ruined their children’s lives all in the name of “teaching them a lesson.” Kids die in jail because a parent turned them into the police to teach them something. Or, they are prevented from all kinds of employment from then on. Or, they get hurt. But mostly, once they are in the system you have no control over what happens and the results can get ugly.

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