I have seen some THIN laptops in my day, but the Dell Adamo XPS is so thin that it would make supermodels take a look at it and say, damn, eat a SANDWICH or something.  Thin is great and all but there are limits, and the Dell Adamo XPS butts up against all of them.

It’s still a concept at this stage–after all, care to name a battery that’ll fit into a case just under ten millimeters thick? And even if you could find a battery to fit in that tiny a space, how much charge could it possibly hold?  And if you’re on the road, battery life is life.  Who’d buy this if its battery life can’t hold up?  And look at the back–see how it’s raised up a bit?  That’s where you’d normally plug in your cables.  This thing’s keyboard is thinner than an ethernet cable head.

I think this might be stretching a point just a little too…thin…for my tastes.  Considering that it may never launch, we may be concerend for nothing.  But you know we’ll keep our eyes open out here just to seee what we can spot.