The robot revolution continues on unabated with the emergence of the Amio robot, a walking, bipedal robot that actually approaches human-looking.

It stands about five feet tall, weighs about ninety pounds and has a top walking speed of somewhere in the neighborhood of half a mile per hour.  He’s got a pair of CCD cameras to give it a hand in navigation, and it even comes with built-in speech and voice recognition software, so hopefully, if you tell it to go fetch you a drink, a drink is fetched.

The thought of a fully functioning robot butler that understands your voice commands is frankly cheery, and though there’s no word on when it’ll be available or for how much, if it even is released to the public.  That and they’ll have to do something about the horrible speed.

Though there’s another possibility with this one–it may not be intended for fetch-and-carry chores, but rather as a way to get a better understanding of how humans and robots interact.  It understands and can respond to speech and voices, so that may be why this one’s around.