I’m really starting to love the folks out at Thanko for making gadgets that can only be described as either “the zombie-eyed daydreams of shoe salesmen” (thanks to Married With Children for that one) or “madness of the kind you only see in H.P. Lovecraft novels” (that’s all me).

Because today they have brought me a new pie made from the fruit of their tree of insanity, the Thanko USB soldering iron.

No, seriously.  A soldering iron you hook to your computer.

You have essentially three power settings with this, depending on what power supply you use.  One USB port will get the Thanko USB soldering iron to two hundred degrees.  TWO USB ports (it comes with a bifurcated USB cable) will bring it to three hundred degrees.  And using a 9-volt battery?  That’ll put it at FIVE HUNDRED DEGREES.

I found myself wondering who on earth would hook a soldering iron to their computer, when chances are, they’d be using the soldering iron ON their computer.  Thanko, of course, is mum on that point, but the sheer hilarious joy of their offerings keeps me in stitches, and hopefully, you too.