T-Mobile Project Dark Rumor: Enhanced Network Speeds And Top Of The Line Phones

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16 Comments to T-Mobile Project Dark Rumor: Enhanced Network Speeds And Top Of The Line Phones

  1. greyfoxzero

    Seriously, when Tmobile shows you have coverage in areas where there isnt a tower or a roaming agreement you’ll see. Having worked for the company I saw it all the time when customers couldn’t get a bar in areas the map said they should have 5 bars. And all the customers from those areas said the same thing. Plus having a father in law who leases land for towers tell you there isnt a tmobile tower in the area they say they have coverage in helps to paint the picture. Plus all those customers who had service one day and then suddenly they had none ever again and no one could do anything about it, they can tell you all about the coverage. The logic that oh well i have coverage there must be something wrong with you is borderline retarded. Tmobile trains (sometimes) their reps on the mysterious reasons why when you put a few tmobile customers in the same room not all of them can get signal. Wow people in the same room with the same service basically have to win the magical tmobile signal lottery? When T-mobile loses the customers who do have bad signal where do you think they try and recoup the money? From the ones who stay.

  2. 10yrsOfTMobile/Voicestream

    I have had T-Mobile for 10 years, since it was Voicestream. I’ve lived in 2 different states in that time, including California, and used my phone in surrounding states, as well as once on the east coast. I have very rarely had problems with service, and only at times/places that most other carriers also do not cover. I love T-Mobile and have only good things to say about their service.

  3. The Shiznit

    Just because cali has bad reception, doesnt mean tmobile has horrible service. quit being a pansy!! TMOBILE IS COMING UP IN THIS WORLD, WITH OR WITHOUT HATERS LIKE YOU MR CHRISTEN!!

  4. SubliminalDavid

    You’re dumb, those exaggerated ATT and Verizon maps are just guesses. LOL>>>> yeah like the whole us is blanketed by the red Verizon color in real life huh? TMO has plenty of roaming agreements as do those other carriers, I’ve had the service also for the past few years and in light of that I would say i have have less than 10 dropped calls in the span of 8 years with them not to mention it has been tested before that T-Mobile has one of the least dropped call rates and fastest network speeds of them all. So learn your information right before you decide to bash one carrier over another, I’m sure you probably would say that ATT is the carrier with the least amount of dropped calls huh? they should switch their motto to the carrier with the most dropped calls, and oh yeah I had a verizon data card and I got dropped on that thing every half hour and got rid of it after 3 days. No thank you, Tmo all the way baby!

  5. I have driven across with T-mobile, and you can look at their maps. Their coverage blows. If you live in a small city and don’t travel much, they’re fine, but once you start traveling, you will pray that your car doesn’t break down and leave you with nonexistent Tmobile coverage. Data coverage is even worse. Look at the entire northern half of Michigan – nothing.

  6. DoYourResearch

    Have you taken a look at the coverage maps for AT&T and Sprint or are you just looking for any excuse to bash on T-Mobile? If you had done your rearch, and looked at both the coverage maps for AT&T, and Sprint you would find that heir coverage is just as limited in California. I agree with WhatCrappyReporting in that I have had all four national carriers, and I have been most satisfied with T-Mobile coverage wise.

  7. what they need to do is get back some at&t roaming agreements. They were just fine when they had those, now we have to deal with rural dead zones.

  8. WhatCrappyReporting

    How do you come to the conclusion that T-Mobile has the worst network coverage??? Just a brainless statement you stole from all the other nay-sayers out there? Did you do a cross country trip with 4 phones from each of the National providers and compare call reception every where you went? As a customer who has used all 4 companies I can tell you that I have been most happy with T-Mobile and that includes coverage. And most importantly when I am on a call with friends from another network and the call drops, I can tell you it is never my network that drops the calls. Do some research before you make stupid statements.

      • Coverage maps do not tell the whole story, only 2 coverage maps are accurage. Sprint and T-Mobile. Verizon is fairly accurate, although they don’t outline strength of coverage in a lot of areas with weaker coverage that they provide. And At&t is actually the worst, if you get in touch with their legal derpartment, and I am not talking about customer care which no customer service really knows anything, they will tell you their maps represents theoretical coverage in areas that may be included in the future, they are in the planning stages, some roaming as OWNED coverage, etc. etc.

        Verizon does have the most overall coverage areas though…and t-mobile oddly enough is not far behind.

      • Yes, u should because regardless of what u saw on some old paper map. T-Mobile has been rated very highly by the residents of cali in many independent surveys (JD Powers to name 1). More importantly though u should probably check the facts next time before u sound off. I’m just saying.

      • Agree with the first person….How about u take a look at the stats? NUMBER ONE IN CUSTOMER SERVICE, RETAIL, and COVERAGE in CALIFORNIA. JD Power doesnt win itself. cali is tmo’s strong point. u dont know what ur talking about…do some research before u say something. coverage everywhere u go…unless ur in the boonies…an ur weird if ur there…

      • im from southern cali and i get great coverage in my area and every where i go, even in the basement of my job. had att before and never got signal at home or at work. So there is a really big difference there. NEEd i say more?

    • Of course T-Mo has the worst National coverage. Why do you think they’ve always sold on price and never run adds about their “network”. Because it comes in 4th.

    • More like Project Dork. Anything from T-Mobile will be a let down. Changing the color of your logo and the uniforms of your workers isnt going to save your company. And considering that these speed boosts are on one of the most inconsistent networks out there means very little. And what phone do they have that can use this bandwidth? Also top of the line phones usually means over priced and in T-Mobile’s case underwhelming. Sorry but with everything I have seen going on all it adds up to is desperation which makes sense considering their in a distant 4th place. What do you expect form a company that tried to charge their customers for their bill!!!

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