Is T-Mobile about to take the wraps off some game changing technology?  This blogger thinks not, but according to an inside source close to the story, T-Mobile is working on something called Project Dark, which sounds more CIA espionage than come back story.

The tipster, whose calling himself Mr. T, says T-Mobile will offer some sort of ‘all inclusive package’ that provides network speeds that are 3x faster than any other US carrier.  All things considered, T-Mobile has been fastidiously working to update their dated and slow 2G network to 3G, so it’s not all that implausible that they’d have something like this up their sleeve.  Furthermore, the source also claims that T-Mobile has plans to provide top of the line handsets from the #1 (Nokia) and #2 (Samsung) handset manufactures.

So will T-Mobile eclipse Sprint’s all you can eat plan?  Maybe, but they still have the worst coverage in the US.

All the employees who received the information were required to sign confidentiality agreements. Each sector has received it at different times, the bulk of them actually received it the 13th, after most of the information was already leaked (Although it’s not entirely accurate…)

That said, the Project Dark is not any ONE thing..its a term for a company TURNAROUND; Last to First is what some like to say. It’s an all inclusive “package” that includes blazing speeds, 3 times faster than anyone will have on the market for years. Phones people actually WANT, using top of the line models from the top 2 cellphone manufacturers in the world (Nokia #1, and Samsung #2). Hot software like Android. And European priced packages.

And all of this will make Verizon, AT&T, and Sprint’s head spin when its released faster than anyone can have time to finishing reading any official press releases.

330 Million in new networks Verizon? Try nearly 10 billion.


Christen Costa

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