Split Ring Key Lets Keys Be Their Own Chain

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Constantly getting locked out of the house or your car?  Can’t stand the idea of hiding keys?  Sick of calling locksmiths?  Well, a surprisingly low tech solution is about to solve that serious problem for you.

It’s called the Split Ring Key Blank, and it’s a key ring that’s also a key.  So now, rather than carrying a panoply of keys around on multiple key rings, you can now just carry multiple key rings that also serve as keys.  Clip them to your jacket or pants belt loop and forget about ever getting locked out of anywhere important ever again because your keys can now be attached to your very clothes in a subtle and non-embarrassing manner.  As long as you can find your pants, you can find your keys.  And that particular assurance is worth it’s weight in gold.

Literally, too–the Split Ring Key Blank only costs $3.50 before you have it ground.


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