Okay, now, in all honesty, I am a die-hard Xbox 360 guy.  Had one for years now and I’m still not seeing a whole lot of point toward hooking up with a PS3, but man, if I were never tempted before, I certainly would be right now.

SonyStyle is offering an incredible package deal–an 80 gig PS3 console, two Dualshock controllers and shipping included all for $250.

That’s less than HALF what they were charging for this sucker back at launch.  I still remember when Adam Sessler over at X-Play was calling this thing “a $600 Blu-ray player” because it had no games.  The ironic part is that it STILL has no games.  This is something of a generalization, but let’s be realistic here.  It’s been on the market literally days shy of  three years now, and it still doesn’t have more than a handful of unique titles that aren’t ports from somewhere else.

I’ve got a definite feeling that Sony’s trying to draw some interest.