Regen Renu iPod Dock

Still trying to figure out how to make your iPhone a tad greener and all the while not cluttering up your desktop?  The Regen’s Renu solar panel is a modular system that charges on its own and when the time comes, can be placed in one of their two docks to charge up the iPhone.  That means you don’t have to expose your iPhone to direct sunlight, potentially harming the phone’s fragile components.

Regen Renu iPod Dock-2

Renu currently offers an iPod dock, which just does the usual or you can opt for the more expensive but heavier featured Sound Dock, which includes a set of speakers and a slot for Regen’s Renu solar panel, providing up to 8 hours of sound or power to your iProduct of choice. The Renu solar panel takes about 3.7 hours to charge in direct sunlight outside and 7.3 hours of ‘direct sunlight indoors’.

Regen Sound Dock

Regen’s iPod Dock and Renu Solar Panel will ship next February for $249, while the Sound Dock will ship April 2010 for $149 (that price doesn’t include the $199 Renu Solar Panel).


Christen Costa

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