If you’ve ever been listening to your radio and wished that you could rewind a song, either all the way back so you could start from the beginning or just a couple lines so you could catch some garbled phrase again, the Pure Elan II might be just what you want.

The Pure Elan II is a DAB radio with ReVu technology which does about what it sounds like it does–it allows you to rewind live radio.  Further, it’s got its own internal battery that, when charged, will allow it to play for 35 hours, nearly a full uninterrupted day and a half.

The downside to this, of course, is that it only seems to be available in Great Britain right now, but for our British readership, this will be an awesome buy.  Of course, there’ll also be some limits in interest due to the fact that this radio costs approximately two hundred bucks.

I don’t know who’d be so interested in pausing live radio that they’d shell out two hundred bucks for it, but the folks behind the Elan II must know something I don’t….