Borderlands is a game I’m really interested in how it turns out.  Arriving later this month, I have a feeling it could rightly be this fall’s sleeper hit.  If you’ve read anything about this game you’ll know that it offers you a seemingly endless amount of weaponry using a technique found in MMO’s called “Procedural Weapon Generation”.  This system randomly generates unique weapons making the game absolutely different for each player.  Due to an internal dice that’s rolled, not all of these weapons will be awesome.  That’s not the case it what I’m about to write.

Announced today, if you hurry up and pre-order Borderland from GameStop you’ll get the “Mercenary Weapons Pack” which features 8 unique quality weapons to use when you get the game.  Sounds cool but I’ll wait to read the reviews before I jump on this band wagon.  I made the mistake of getting all hyped up over Far Cry 2, which also had exclusive GameStop content coincidentally, and I haven’t even played halfway through it.

[via Destructoid]


Jeff B