I had a really great experience with Microsoft customer service when my Xbox 360 died.  The process was painless and took two weeks exactly.  Word has it that the newly opened Microsoft Store in Scottsdale Arizona is prepared to make Xbox 360 repairs.

That’s good news and I’m sure that will make many a Xbox 360 owner happy as well.  I’m not sure about how many Microsoft Stores are slated to open nationwide but it would be safe to assume that all stores will offer this service.

It’s not like we are all hoping that are Xbox’s die so we can run off to the Microsoft Store but it is nice to know the support is there.  The below is from somebody in the know:

All you have to do is walk in the store with your console, drop it off at the Answers Desk and a Microsoft Store employee will then diagnose the issue that you’re having. If it’s something simple — such as a faulty power supply causing the Red Ring of Death — they’ll rectify the situation immediately.

If it has to be shipped out, however, things are just about as awesome. Once the store has received your console, the main distribution center is notified and a replacement unit can be sent right away.


Jeff B