I have to admit I’m somewhat happy about this development and at the same time somewhat unnerved by it.  After the incredible success of Fallout 3, and what will likely be the success of Fallout 3: Game of the Year edition and its numerous attendant DLC titles, it’s not too surprising to see that more and more games are saying “me, too!” and taking a run at post-Apocalyptia.

First we got Borderlands, which is clearly trying its heart out to be the next Fallout 3.  But now, recent announcements have been made about another such title, Metro 2033 from THQ.

Set in the sprawling Moscow subway system, you play a man out to warn the survivors of apocalyptic near-annihilation about a new threat, one that’s even worse than rival subway stations vying against each other for the last scraps of scraps and the nightmares roaming the surface of Moscow itself.

This is slated for release in “early 2010″, which will completely miss the Christmas shopping season, but may get a sliver of that sweet crack known as gift card season.  You’ll be able to get it for PC and Xbox 360, and if standards hold, will run about $60 for console and $50 for PC.

I find myself of mixed emotions about this–while I personally loved Fallout 3, I’m hopeful that its imitators will be at least passably good.  But last time someone promised me something like that–”Oblivion-killer”, anyone?–I got stuck with TWO WORLDS.

And no one needs more of that.