Hoping to give gamers a more streamlined Madden experience this holiday at a budget price, EA is launching Madden NFL Arcade for the Xbox 360 and PS3 in December for only $15.  In this version they’ve totally stripped down the presentation and gameplay, and transformed it into a game that you can play and perhaps finish a match in 10 minutes or less.

The game set-up is a fast paced and high scoring affair matching 5 players per team with no field goals, no penalties, 4 plays per possession, and the first team to score 30 points wins.  The game will also incorporate a smaller field at 60 yards, cartoon-ish player models, and will have power-ups (called Game-Changers here), that allow you to alter the course of the game through freezing players, turn off passing icons, and more.

This may remind you of the short running NFL Street series but this time around it looks to be more accessible given the download only price.  The game will also allow for 4 player co-op and 1 vs. 1 online play.  Could this out sell Shadow Complex?


5-on-5 Pure Adrenaline NFL Football Meets the Award-Winning Football Franchise

REDWOOD CITY, Calif. – October 14, 2009 – Electronic Arts Inc. (Nasdaq: ERTS) announced today an all-new way to experience the Madden NFL franchise with Madden NFL Arcade – a fun, pick-up-and-play, 5-on-5 football game from EA Tiburon.  Madden NFL Arcade is pure adrenaline football for both casual and diehard NFL fans, featuring a unique art style that brings your favorite players to life like never before!  Madden NFL Arcade will be available as a download on Xbox LIVE Arcade and the PlayStation Store for 1200 MS Points and $14.99 respectively, just in time for the holidays in December.

“When you look around the office and see your whole team playing and having tons of fun with it, you know the game hit the right mark,” said marketing director Nathan Stewart.  “We have diehard Madden fans who have worked on the franchise for a decade, and more casual gamers who are all playing together and enjoying it.  If our productivity the past few weeks is any indication, we’ve created a game that everyone will love.”

Choose one of your favorite 32 NFL teams and distinctive home stadium for a battle with the best five players on each side of the ball, and let the excitement begin!  Each team is given four downs to march 60 yards to pay dirt – no penalties or field goals allowed here, pal!  Get your Madden NFL fix in a completely new way, with fast-paced games where the first team to 30 wins.  Want to mix it up?  Madden NFL Arcade can be tailored to fit your liking by changing options, such as skill level, points to win, and more; making each game unlike the one before.  Take advantage of 13 unique “Game Changers” to break the game wide open on a single play.  Add an entourage of lineman to get the sack, freeze an opposing player, turn off your opponent’s passing icons, and much more.  No lead is safe inMadden NFL Arcade.

Madden NFL Arcade is the perfect video game for gameday, allowing up to four players to play co-op on a single console.  You can also take on the world online in head-to-head matches and track your performance via interactive leaderboards.  If you like to commemorate your gridiron success, Madden NFL Arcade will also provide a host of achievements and trophies to boost your gamer score.


Jeff B