Madden NFL 2010 Game Review (Xbox 360)

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7 Comments to Madden NFL 2010 Game Review (Xbox 360)

  1. ESPN NFL 2K5 is the Greatest Football Game ever.

    After 5 years, madden can now do half of what NFL 2K5 did years ago. It was so good. That it scared Madden to Death. Hence they went and got exclusive agreements from NFL, NCAA, Arena Football. Madden is for UNINTELLIGENT gamers. Meaning gamers who don’t like to think. I thought AMERICA was about the Best and the Brightest. Not true after Exclusive agreements. The Madden Monopoly is like the former USSR of Football. In former Communist Russia they used to make standard items that people just had to SUFFER AND LIVE WITH. That is the state of Football Gaming today. I thought that MONOPOLIES WERE UNAMERICAN. I guess not. What is the saddest thing is that imagine after 5 years what 2K sports could have brought NFL FOOTBALL gaming. I feel ROBBED somehow.

    By the way, i’m not Childish enough to believe that this post will actually get published.

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