If you’ve got cats, then you know what the worst thing about having them is.  Namely, it’s their litterboxes.  Cats are pooping in your house, and you’re left to clean it up.

Did we lose a war?

Yes, I know, once again, Simpsons did it first.  But you can now correct the much bigger problem of cat waste in your house with the LitterWorks automatic litter box.

If you follow the read link, you’ll be taken to the LitterWorks site, which will explain in spectacular detail just how this thing works.  A simple version goes like this: ten minutes after your cat leaves the surprise of the day in the litter box, the LitterWorks springs into action and rakes up the cat mess, dropping said rakings into an expandable plastic bag in a separate compartment.

This is a clever idea, and from the sounds of things, even manages to keep the smell to a minimum too.  Anything that does that has to be a sweet gadget in anyone’s book.