Joby GorillaPod Review

When the Joby GorillaPod hit the scene some time ago, it amazed consumers worldwide with its tenacious approach to all things tripod related.  Capable of countless angles and poses, the Joby GorillaPod is a must buy for anyone that owns a digital camera or camcorder.

Lightweight and easy to use, the Joby GorillaPod can quickly mold itself to your surroundings allowing for some really creative photo and video ideas.  With your camera connected, you can detach it at a moments notice thanks to the GorillaPods’ locking clip.  To get an idea of the GorillaPod’s reach, it will fit around your standard pole size but isn’t long enough to stretch around a tree.  It works best when attached to something that you can weave its legs around like a chain link fence or a lamp.

The only design features I wish I could change would have been to make it a bit heavier.  I had some trouble keeping it secure on my bike and it would have been easier with some more weight added.  It also didn’t do that well holding up a heavier SLR (see pic below).

What could also help would be some velcro tethering strips so you could tie it in to whatever your trying to connect it with.  All I wanted to do was wrap it around my dog, but it just wouldn’t stay put.

The Joby GorillaPod is super durable, though.  It folds up really tight and looks like it could withstand quite the beating.  The rubber feet also give the GorillaPod great traction on a variety of surfaces from glass to finished wood and plastic.

Anybody that’s in the market for their first digital camera needs to buy this inexpensively awesome tripod as you will not be disappointed.  Also worth mentioning is that Joby has a bunch of other GorillaPods out there that are worth checking out.  This is the standard original one.



  • Cheap
  • Fun
  • Unique


  • Needs tethers for for aggressive fastening
  • could be a bit heavier

Buy it now for $12.50!

Jeff B