iJet iPhone/iPod RF Remote Control Review

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5 Comments to iJet iPhone/iPod RF Remote Control Review

  1. Herny Tikas

    Wow, 3 stars only? This is the best bang for the buck of any iPod accessory I have purchased. I received instructions on how to exchange the battery when I bought mine so not sure why that is even mentioned here. I am now able to be the “DJ” at my on house parties with this remote. Hook it up to my stereo and entertain my 200+ guests from a completely different room. Then I take it to the gym and use it there too…my wife has grabbed it twice and I have had to beg for it back. It is so easy to use…and I can use my iPod Nano (just got the 5th gen) AND my iPhone…there isn’t another product out there like this for the price……I am VERY impressed….again…3 stars?? 5 stars in my book and all my friends agree!!!! This iPod Remote (yes, and iPhone too..who knew??) is a GREAT PRODUCT!!!

  2. LOVE it – I am not sure why it only got 3 stars – I got mine in the mail last Thursday and have been using it non-stop. I am the head of entertainment on a cruise line and have used it to control the music in the gym (our head trainer loves it) and taken it with me backpacking and on a bike at our last excursion. I keep my iPod secured in my backpack and the remote attached my wrist – solves all the problems I had before with getting my iPod wet and I love the fact I can also use it with my iPhone. I just got a new Homedics Stereo dock for my room and always wished it had a remote control for its iPod/iPhone dock….well, problem solved. I dock the remote on the stereo and can control it from the other room…wow! Thanks for reviewing this!!

  3. Phew…finally – I was wondering when someone would come out with a remote that has a dock that is slim enough to work with my new Nano. All of the other remote dock’s I have tried cover up the audio. Easy to insert, works like a charm…..slim is in it seems :) I was also pleased to find out that I could navigate out side of my current playlist – makes it easy to use when I have sweaty hands on the track

  4. Aaron Renolds

    I thought this review was very helpful. I like the fact that they included the Pro’s and Con’s.

  5. I love this product. The thing about it is that it has a slim dock (base) instead of a fat one like the old remote docks used to have. When I upgraded to a new Nano 5th Gen I couldn’t use my old remote because the dock covered up the audio-out jack. I bought this iJet NAV and it solved my problems. I could both keep on my ipod case and connect the audio out with the remote dock on.
    I am a massage therapist and take my iPod all country to use it during massage. I can easily hook up my massage either to my portable speakers or to any sound system and control it during the massage.

    I also travel by bike or motorcycle quite a bit and was thrilled that it works with my iPhone. I secure my iPhone in my backpack and control the music on it that is sent to my headphones. BRAVO!!

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