How do you impress all the folks that have seen their fair share of Microsoft Surface tables?  Simple, you build your own version that is about twice the size and displays the visual representation of the EM Spectrum.  The Ideum MT-50 touchscreen table is available in an 86-inch and 100-inch sizes and is currently on display at the Space Chase Gallery at the Adventure Science Center.

Forget EM Spectrum.  I wanna play a game of R.U.S.E on this.

Ideum creates an ultra-wide screen multitouch table exhibit exploring the electromagnetic spectrum

CORRALES, New Mexico (October 29, 2009) Ideum announces the installation of an ultra-wide screen multitouch table based on its commercially available MT-50 multi-touch, multi-user table.

With a 100″ surface and an 86″ viewable area is it among one of the largest contiguous multitouch tables ever developed. The screen has a 16 x 5 ratio aspect and a display resolution of 2304 x 800 pixels.

Developed for the Space Chase Gallery at the Adventure Science Center, it is one of several technology-enhanced exhibits Ideum has deployed at the Nashville, Tennessee-based hands-on science center. The exhibition opens to the public on November 7th.

“We developed a visual representation of the EM Spectrum,” said Jim Spadaccini, Creative Director of Ideum. “Taking advantage of the super-wide screen format, we’ve created a digital representation of the EM Spectrum from radio waves to gamma rays. Visitors can move images across the table in real-time, revealing the images in each waveform and accessing information about what they are seeing.?

The exhibit features a variety of celestial and terrestrial objects images in a multiple wavelengths.  For example, NASA images of the sun can be seen in all wavelengths.  Common and iconic objects were photographed in a variety of wavelengths. For example, a birthday cake with lit candles, a toy robot, an alarm clock, and even a hand holding an iPhone are seen in visible, infrared, ultraviolet, and x-ray.

The table can support over 50 simultaneous touch points, allowing several people to interact with the table at the same time. Its rugged design makes it perfect for a busy hands-on science center. In addition, the table is only 31″ tall, meeting ADA standards for wheel chair accessibility.

The custom software was developed with Adobe Flash and Ideum’s own GestureWorks framework, which allows Flash developers to easily develop their own custom multi-touch applications. GestureWorks will be available for sale to other developers in early December.

The tracking software was developed by Natural User Interface Technologies AB, a Swedish technology company specializing in multi-touch software. Ideum and NUI Technologies have been partners since 2008.

Ideum was founded in 1999. Its exhibits and Websites have won numerous awards over the years including: the American Association of Museums’ MUSE Awards, the Webby Awards, the Pirelli International Multimedia Awards, the Museums and the Web Conference “Best of the Web,” and other industry awards.

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