All right, espresso buffs, pay attention.  No, seriously.  I know you’re probably bouncing around like ferrets in a room lined with tinfoil, but have I ever got just the gadget your twitchy selves need.  No more expensive coffee houses for you–now, you can make a sweet dose of hypercaffeine any time you please with the Handpresso Wild, a portable espresso machine.

It’s true, too: all you have to do is load a pod in the Handpresso’s chamber, pour hot water into the available reservoir, release a switch, wait as the pressurized chamber sends hot water through the coffee pod, and then drink up.

Naturally, you’ll be needing SERIOUSLY hot water in order to make this work completely, unless of course you want iced espresso, in which case it really doesn’t matter.  But for right around $90.00, this is a pretty sweet idea.  Unlimited espresso when and where you want it?  That’s got to be a coffee lovers’ dream come true.