Google Creates Gadget That Allows Instant Website Translation

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1 Comment to Google Creates Gadget That Allows Instant Website Translation

  1. Adding this semi-automatic translation is an interesting feature, but how does the translation actually read to a speaker of that language?

    Presumably the translation is handled by the same engine as Google Translate. I recently blogged about this kind of machine translation at “Making Sense” ( and, more importantly, its dangers. It can be great for getting the gist of something, but is also often way off beam. Google state this quite openly, but it’s worth thinking over.

    If a user runs your website through Google translate, they know its at their own risk. If you have “provided” a translation, aren’t you more responsible for what it says? As Bing Translator warns you every time you use it: “Automatic translation can help you understand the gist of the translated text but is no substitute for a professional human translator.”

    And, unless you speak the target language, how do you know if your website is being rendered in perfect prose or as unintelligible gibberish? If you care about what “you” are saying in translation, you’re still best off sticking to a human translator.

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