If you love surfing the websites of foreign countries but find it too much of a hassle to learn to speak their language first, then you’ll love what Google’s about to do for you.  They’ve issued free software that allows website operators to automatically translate online pages into any of 51 languages.

It’s called the “translator gadget”, and it will automatically shift the language on the page to match the default browser’s language.  Let’s say that I’m a guy from somewhere near Iran, and my browser’s set to Farsi.  I surf on over to Craigslist to look for a job writing for a fashion magazine, and they’ve got the gadget installed, and boom!  Suddenly Craigslist is coming to me live in Farsi.

Granted, the system isn’t foolproof.  As everyone who’s surfed knows, translation isn’t always an exact science, especially for software.  But still, those occasional errors should at least be entertaining!