This time of year, glow in the dark anything gets just a little extra street cred, but even I can’t help but wonder if this is going just a bit too far.  It’s called the LiteCube, and it is basically what it looks like, a lighted ice cube.  They’re made of sealed acrylic plastic with an LED light inside.  They cost a whopping $2.40 each, and you get a quantity discount if you order over 24, then another price break at 288.

If you throw a lot of outdoor parties, or parties in low light, then the lighted drink special might be exactly the kind of thing you want.

Plus, Glowsource, the company that makes these, also offers plenty of other light-up bar supplies, like stir sticks and olive picks, among a host of others.  So for all your light-up bar needs…well…I think about the only place you CAN think of would be Glowsource.