GE Vscan

When you think of General Electric, the first thing to spring to mind might be light bulbs, or possibly NBC.  But I doubt you think of portable ultrasound gadgets, and that’s a shame.  Because as it turns out, they’ve just invented one.

It’s called the GE VScan Portable Ultrasound, and soon, you too can be jumping from pregnant belly to pregnant belly, offering a sneak peek at Junior.  Hopefully you also know a good lawyer to boost you out of the looney bin if you actually try that.

But actually, this may be a pretty fair idea.  Think about the concept of an EMT with the ability to notice fluid around the heart in the ambulance ride to the hospital.  Cardiologists could have at their fingertips near-instant access to ultrasound gear instead of scheduling it at a larger facility.  And they could do this for far, FAR less money than the average ultrasound gear.

No word as yet on when this will be released, but it’s a pretty awesome idea when you come down to it.