Looks like perhaps EA wants to get in on this whole Modern Warfare madness.  Isn’t that what Battlefield: Bad Company is?  Good thing for EA that Activision doesn’t have an exclusive Modern Combat license right!

The rumblings going around consist of an ex-EA production intern from 2008 posting somewhere that he worked on a Medal of Honor: Modern Combat title doing some design and software engineering.  Blah.  Other rumor blurbs include a possible real life tie-in to the game via Operation Anaconda, which was an actual mission held in Afghanistan from back in 2002.

The only thing that is confirmed is that there is another “undefined” Medal of Honor game in the works according to EA CEO John Riccitiello.  The last game in the Medal of Honor series was Airborne from 2007.

All this makes sense, but we’ll have to wait and see what rises to the top.


Jeff B