Gaming Rumor: Microsoft Project Natal Priced

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3 Comments to Gaming Rumor: Microsoft Project Natal Priced

  1. Re: Tech inside, do the Math. I don’t give a crap what’s inside the thing that makes it work and surely am not paying more than $50 for such an accessory -MS can make their dough back on the Software side anyway. To pay for such an item purely based on the expensiveness of the chips, camera that’s in the thing is ridiculous. PS3 tried to RAM the Cell’s potential down everybodies throat to no avail. Now that system is in 3rd place, and they are losing some of their stable system sellers. So, Natal looks interesting but I’m not paying out the nose for it. Just like I didn’t pay $100 for the online adapter, I would have gladly paid $50 for the adapter (it’s only G speed) but they have to be greedy. I understand that MS has to run a business but it’s also a recession so adjust your pricing accordingly. I have adjusted my spending, and companies that want me to purchase their goods should change their pricing as well. I think the Xbox 360 is great entertainment device and will continue to buy games for it but don’t try to rake me over the coals on accessories pricing.

  2. Todd Roberts

    This “rumor” began with Pachter, and he doesn’t have a clue. First of all, he claims that Natal is “just a camera,” but it will actually require much more supporting hardware than a simple webcam. Natal is designed a self-contained unit, so as not to place any demands on existing 360 system resources. It includes a dedicated custom IC, a mic array, a CMOS and an IMG for the depth camera, and a CCD for the RGB camera, plus ancilllary electronics. Presumably, it will also require some RAM for the proprietary software, and flash ROM for updatable firmware. Do the math.

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