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For sometime now FLO TV has been partnering up with device makers to deliver streaming TV any where you travel in the US.  But now they’re ready to take on the hardware market and yesterday they introduced the FLO TV Personal Television.  Steve just posted an article this AM about the announcement and this afternoon I got a hands on with the device.

Flo TV - 3

I’m not floored or jaw dropped and I’ll come right out and say that it’s too expensive for what they’re offering.  But with that said the device isn’t all that bad or all that great.  The screen is far from reactive but the UI is simple and straight forward.  You can swipe up and down on the screen while viewing live TV to switch channels – it brings up a menu bar displaying the program and you tap on it to switch to that channel.  You can also hit the menu button to see all the 15 channels and upcoming content.  If you click on a future show it will provide you with the option of scheduling a reminder, which comes in the form of a vibration and/or tone – you can also setup season notifications.  And of course there are volume buttons as well as a mute button and headphone port.  Since the screen only measure 3.5-inches it’s not a vast improvement or leap over most smartphones today, but streams are relatively instantaneous and the battery life is 5 hours when viewing live TV.

Flo TV - 6

You can preorder the device at Amazon for $249.99, and it looks like you can pay monthly, yearly or every 3 years – each increase in time results in a monthly discount.


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