EZ Grill Review

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  1. “EZGRILL”… This little thing is absolutely amazing…!!  I just tried it for the 1st time tonight.  The paperwork says takes 15 minutes to fire up and lasts for 90 minutes, total.  What happened with me was, it actually took 30 minutes to be ready to cook… but then… it lasted for over 3 dang hours!!!!  I ended up dragging out all the meats I'd been thinking of cooking and then freezing.  

    I was able to charcoal-broil the following:  one HUGE beef steak, 2 lamb steaks (also nice-sized), and 10 big pieces of chicken.  FYI, this did take 3 separate loads, onto the grill.As I sit here right now… it's still really hot and I could honestly cook even more meat.. if I had any more to cook.Also don't be scared, I was worried might burn my patio furniture (I live in Florida).  So I did this elaborate rig with the grill sitting on a cookie pan… on 4 ceramic tiles… on 2 oven mitts… on a wooden plank….hahaha!  But no worries, the cookie pan beneath it, never even felt WARM…!!  :)So very cool.  I will for sure buy this item, many times again.Karen Valrico, Florida)

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