EZ Grill Review

EZ Grill, easy review.  So even though America is wholly embracing this green revolution for the most part, throwing stuff away is still a huge part of our culture.  To add to this national pastime comes the EZ Grill, a portable and disposable solution for those looking to grill on the go.

The whole set-up of the grill is painfully simple in the “why didn’t I think out that” way.  In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if the idea didn’t originate from some serial griller’s DIY project.

The EZ Grill has four parts.  It takes an aluminum foil pan with primed charcoal dipped in mineral oil with an ignition cloth inside, and covers it with a metal grate.  That’s it.  EZ really can’t be spelled in any other way in this case.

I brought the EZ Grill on a rafting trip down the Clackamas River in Oregon, outside of Portland.  We used it to cook shrimp and chicken kabobs and they tasted great.  The only thing I can say is that like any other grill you have to give the charcoals enough time to get appropriately hot before you try a cook food over them.

The grill itself is designed to last up to an hour and a half of total charcoal burn time.  We used ours for about an hour.  What would make this grill better would be if it was somehow totally biodegradable.  I know that the makers of EZ grill have gone to great lengths to eco-friendly as possible but some effort still must be had to dispose of the EZ Grill properly.  We did manage to find a trash can alongside the river but not everyone will be as responsible as we were.

At a really low price I can recommend this grill for anyone who doesn’t own a small gas or charcoal grill.  This would work well for small one night camping trips or other type scenarios such as tailgaiting.

EZ Grill is now available at your local retailer and you can also purchase them in bulk at EZ Grill’s Website.


  • It’s an easy grill
  • Long burn time
  • Eco-Friendly
  • Cheap


  • Not Biodegradable

Buy them here!

Jeff B