etre touchy

With winter fast approaching and the cold weather coming to match, you may well start to wonder how you’re going to keep your hands warm and still manage to work your iPod and whatnot.  Clearly you can’t hold a stylus in your mitten, and gloves are nice, but their fingers are way too big for a touchscreen.

Enter the Etre Touchy line of gloves, themselves a gadget, because they’re simultaneously fingered and fingerless.  More specifically, they’re missing their thumb and index finger.

You may wonder why you’d want to pay $33 for a pair of gloves that are missing a finger and a thumb.  I don’t much like to bandy around the phrase “doomed for failure”, because you never really know what’ll take off.

But I really can’t see this working, especially when you could crack out the scissors and make your own pair for much, MUCH, less money. Are they preparing for a slew of patent infringement lawsuits for anyone who makes their own at home?

In all honesty, I’m not sure why the makers of the Etre Touchy didn’t think of that either, but I guess it just doesn’t make for as entertaining a story.