Today I’m going to introduce you to a truly awesome gadget that you can’t possibly get your hands on before Christmas unless you know somebody or can shell out epic bribes.

We’re talking about the eDGe, and this little beauty is worth the $490 you’d shell out for it for one very good reason: it’s a netbook and an e-reader.  All at once.  That’s right, it’s BOTH.

It’s WiFi enabled and looks vaguely like a Nintendo DS that you hold constantly upright, like an actual book.  It runs on Google’s Android system, joining a growing family of same, and can serve all the functions of both a netbook (send email, instant messages, surf the web, run apps, write notes and so on) and an ereader (it’s got a 9.7 inch E-ink e-paper display on one side and a 10.1 inch LCD screen on the other, just so you know what side gets what)

Their creator, Virginia’s Entourage Systems, has started taking preorders for the devices, so you can sign up for them now.